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"You are Galileo!" project

We are distributing the "You are Galileo!" telescopes for children, especially those in Asian countries. The "You are Galileo!" telescope is a small telescope which is the same size Galileo Galilei used for his observations.

Using the "You are Galileo!" telescope, children can have fun looking at planets, stars and satellites as Galileo did. Through these observations, children can share the same surprise and discovery that Galileo once experienced.

Observations enable children to think about the cosmos, the Earth, and themselves. Our "You are Galileo!" project is a part of the IYA's Global Cornerstone Projects -The Galileoscope. We will also provide observation guidance to help people use the You are Galileo! Telescope.


You cannot view the Sun with a telescope, even during an eclipse. You will damage your eyes and go easily blind.



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"You are Galileo!" Project
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